Please note: some projects only have placeholder cards and general descriptions, as the details of the project cannot be shared publicly.
Projects 2022
Projects 2021
Projects 2020
BeagleConnect Rev B
A newer, smaller BeagleConnect proto
Our goal was to continue to use the Click header standard, but continue to reduce the footprint of the device as much as possilbe. Switched to a board that allowed Clicks to plug in on both sides.
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Advanced BLE-CELL
Bluetooth and cellular reference design
This design was done as part of Contextual Electronics and there is an associated course (linked in description). This design incorporates a popular Bluetooth part, a cellular modem, and Zephyr RTOS.
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Projects 2019
Projects 2018
A Proof-Of-Concept water detection sent over LoRa
Detecting water using a custom PCB and then piping the result over LoRa to a collector node to pass back to AWS
LED installation
Corporate art with a detection pattern
Working with a design studio to deliver an installation for an office building based upon their logo.
Minimus Prime POC
A Proof-of-Concept Cellular Module
A board that would make it easier to interface to industrial hardware without that could be soldered directly to larger format PCBs.
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